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Varanus Tactical GEN2, Ranger Green, with Fusion IIIA Ballistic Panel

Varanus Tactical GEN2, Ranger Green, with Fusion IIIA Ballistic Panel

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Ballistic Panel

Our best-selling model, the Varanus TACTICAL GEN2 Vest, is a top-of-the-line body armor built with high-quality materials and features. It is our most complete vest, offering robust and durable features such as a drag-strap, molle, velcro, ballistic panel compartments, and hard ballistic plate compartments. Law enforcement agencies and armed forces, both domestically and abroad, have trusted and used this vest, making it a reliable choice for anyone seeking the highest level of protection.

Key features of the Tactical GEN2 Vest:

  • 1000 denier nylon with MOLLE on the front and back and extra MOLLE on the cummerbund for added carrying capacity.
  • Interior compartments designed to hold Varanus IIIA Panels (included), which offer ballistic protection on the front and back, with overlapping sides for extra coverage.
  • Front, side, and back pockets to add Level III, III+, or level IV ballistic plates (not included) for protection against high-velocity rifle rounds.
  • Built-in side protection plate pockets, a front-to-back wrap with "Overlap Protection," and an open top for quick 10”x12” plate removal.
  • 4-point adjustable vest cover with comfort mesh and fully adjustable Velcro® shoulders.
  • Heavy-duty "Drag Strap."

Fusion Ballistic Panels Included

The Fusion IIIA Ballistic panel is a lightweight and comfortable ballistic panel. With a 1.17 PSF, it’s a perfect balance between lightweight and affordability. It is NIJ certified and not only Made in the USA but is also Berry compliant, meaning all materials are sourced from US companies.

Key features of the Fusion IIIA Ballistic panel:

  • The areal density of 1.17 psf
  • The thickness of 0.275”
  • High flexibility for added comfort
  • Constructed with 3000D Twaron® Microlam Twaron® 2-Ply Unidirectional Fabric
  • Features W.R.A.P.™ (Water Repellent Armor Perimeter) construction for added protection.
  • Protective cover made of Brookwood 70D with Laminated Polyurethane
  • The protective seal features Sonobond Ultrasonic Bond
  • Special Threat Testing reveals a .44 Mag V50 of 1615 fps and .357 Sig V50 of 1735 fps.
  • Special Threat Testing is conducted in accordance with an abbreviated and modified NIJ 0101.06 and Special Threat Testing Protocol.
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