Varanus Monitor Knee Pads

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The VARANUS MONITOR Knee Pads are ergonomically designed to adapt to the knee. The shell is rigid thermoplastic high density copolymer (TPR), impact resistant (10 KJ/M2 ± .01 KJ/M2), with a high cushioning system bonded to Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) impact absorbing material 14mm ± 2 thick. With non-slip material, it does not absorb water and does not conduct heat.  Lined in the front with 800 ± 200 Denier nylon  and in the back with 3 mm thick mesh nylon fabric to improve fabric performance and increase breathability level. Sewn in a rolled form with a finishing touch on the edge to avoiding fraying. The fastening system is made of elastic straps with Velcro material adjusting to different leg sizes. Heavy duty steel rivets 15 mm ± 1mm in diameter placed at the sides of rigid Shell,  two 38 mm ± 2 mm rigid plastic buckles on one side and Terylene Tape.

Weight 180 gr. ± 6 gr.

MOQ 500