Ballistic Helmet IIIA, PASGT 44mag

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The PASGT ballistic helmet is designed to provide total protection against threats to the head, with a surface area of protection between 1150 and 1250 cm2. The level of protection is based on NIJ 0106.01 level IIIA against 44Mag and 9mm. The manufacturing material is aramid fibre impregnated with phenolic resin. It weighs between 1300 and 1550 gr. ± 50. Thanks to its suspension system with mesh nylon netting and 15 mm thick polyurethane foam bonded points, it allows a complete adjustment to all types of users. It has a safety harness, reinforced at each adjustment point with rigid nylon tape and rigid plastic fasteners.The accessories version has a night view mount and 2 picatinny rails on the sides.


  • Level IIIA against 44Mag and 9mm.
  • Shape: PASGT.
  • Material: aramid fibre impregnated with phenolic resin.
  • Weight: 1300 – 1550 gr ± 50
  • Size: M / L

    Ballistic Performance

    Tested in accordance with NIJ-STD-0108.01 Level IIIA, NIJ-STD- 0106.01 modified, STANAG 2920 and MIL-STD-662F.