Varanus Tactical Helps Protect Ukrainian Soldiers with Bulletproof Plates and Plate Carriers

Varanus Tactical, a US-based body armor and tactical gear manufacturer, has delivered 5,000 Dragoon Multihit OK IV bulletproof plates and donated 350 plate carriers to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense to aid in their ongoing conflict with Russia.

The urgency of the situation in Ukraine required a quick response, and Varanus Tactical was able to deliver the much-needed equipment in just 30 days. These bulletproof plates and plate carriers are crucial in protecting soldiers on the front lines, who risk their lives daily.

Varanus delivered the order in 30 Days, saving countless lives

"We are proud to be able to assist the Ukrainian military in their efforts to defend their country against aggression," said Tom O'Dea, CEO of Varanus Tactical. "Our team worked tirelessly to deliver this equipment as quickly as possible, and we are confident that it will provide an added layer of protection for those fighting on the front lines."

Ukrainian soldiers wearing their new NIJ Certified Plates

The Dragoon OK IV bulletproof plates are made with advanced materials and are capable of stopping high-powered rifle rounds, while the plate carriers are designed to provide comfort and mobility for soldiers in the field. All of Varanus Tactical's body armor is NIJ certified, ensuring the highest level of protection for those who wear it.

The donation of plate carriers to the Ukrainian military is part of Varanus Tactical's commitment to supporting those who put their lives on the line every day. "We believe that everyone who serves their country deserves the very best protection at a fair and affordable price," said Tom O'Dea.

The delivery of these bulletproof plates and plate carriers to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense is just one example of Varanus Tactical's dedication to providing high-quality and affordable body armor and tactical gear to military, law enforcement, government agencies, and private security companies worldwide.