Riot Helmet (Standard) 4.5mm Antifog Visor

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The Riot helmet is designed to provide full head, face and neck protection. The one piece cover is made with an injection system and modeled in ABS thermoplastic material of high-density and it is covered with a fire resistant material reaches up to 50 ° C. It has plastic shots at the periphery. It covers the entire cranial lobes, cheeks and neck. The anti-fog visor protection is made from high impact polycarbonate provides a complete peripheral vision, horizontaly and vertically, covering the face up to the chin. The interior has an expanded polystyrene protection in the upper head part which is covered by textile material in polyester bonded with polyurethane foam of 3 mm. The hearing area is surrounded with low density polyurethane foam to provide softness and covered with a nylon mesh material. It has a external hearing system which is fluid hermetic and resistant to heat. It has an adjustable plastic strap for the chin with adjustable rigid nylon clips. The neck protector is portable and can be adjusted with clips from the inside of the helmet. 


• Helmet- Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) with 

• Resistance to impact 3 Kg. 


• Audio Quality - 85% 

• Weight - 1.6 kg. 

• Interior Cushioning - Expanded Polystyrene. 

• Viewer - High Impact Polycarbonate 4.5 mm with 89% visibility and resistance to impact 3 Kg. Bottom View 105 ° Vertical View 7 ° for not less than 30 ° 

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